“It lost it’s power when it stopped being a secret’

Bipolar Disorder depression I read this post (link posted below) at random this morning. It caught my attention not only for the content, but the relatability and message. Such as this excerpt;

Often times I deny that I’m getting bad again. I shouldn’t be at this point anymore. It’s been three years. I should be past this. I should know the lies that my mind tells me. I shouldn’t believe them. I should be rainbows and butterflies all the days of my life. I should…I should…I should.

Then I find myself crying at my desk while working on Excel spreadsheets and email templates. I excuse myself to the restroom. Because nobody wants to see that, right? I’m an adult. I shouldn’t be crying for “no reason.”

As I cry and sniffle and sit alone in the bathroom, I reach out.”

Read the rest and understand why reaching out helps. It’s a nice post, and great blog to follow, highly recommend.



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