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About Musings of a mad woman

“Mental labels don’t define who I am, time and aging only gets me closer to those I love, will love, and have loved” ~ S.L. Cato I’ve battle Bipolar disorder for at least 15+ years, toss in a couple more labels I’ve collected such as generalized anxiety disorder PTSD. This battle is pretty amazing and out of this world and at times a dark rollercoaster ride. The medication, the manic episodes, and mania can be pretty humorous. The hypersexuality, drugs, anxiety, depression, ghosts, and parenting. I’ve certainly felt the sting of the “crazy” stigma, but I’m here today. Bipolar is my superpower. I hope by sharing my musings it helps others understand the labels situation whispered behind closed doors. Please feel free to share my stories, rantings and musings. Read more about me in my post "Who is the Mad Woman"

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  1. The last time I saw my 22 year old nephew about 2 months ago he treated me to lunch for the first time ever. I was so touched. He was also talking about how much praise he was getting at work.

    Only a few weeks later he threatened suicide and my sister called 911. They only kept him in hospital 4 measly days and didn’t even force him into after care. He returned home and either he or my brother-in-law pushed him back to work. It was a matter of only a couple of weeks before that was the end. We lost this beloved man this past Saturday.

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