Top 10 items when being committed *Bit of humor because you know you’re planning

So this morning I couldn’t bring myself to write in detail about this recent experience in the mental hospital, except for the very brief post. Every experience is different, every hospital is different, and even case is different. Go immediately if you need help, but I thought to myself in the two weeks what were top ten things I’d pack if given the chance. Here you go… enjoy! 

Top 10 things I wish I packed (cause we all plan our breakdowns)

1. Slippers (no laces) Honestly, the rubber threaded socks are sexy, but provide zero support or protection from the random “mystery yellow water spot” that would appear just as you put on a clean pair in the common area. It’s like passing gas, no one ever knows or claims it. 
2. Sweatpants. The good old Hanes or fruit of loom are perfect. It’s freezing and you’ll get sick of the paper suit, trust me. I played like I was Sully on Xfiles for about 2 seconds until it wasn’t funny, no paper blue suit! 

3. Sweatshirts/t-shirts . See above

4. Small Blanket and pillow. Yes, they told me 3-5 days, but apparently I needed to be dug out of the rabbit hole, never assume. This helped me more than anything.

5. Personal toiletries. Obviously, they had to approve each item but my own soap and hair products were amazing. Plus, my toothbrush was awesome. Trust me, this was a very short list but each helped me live and I learn my roommates enjoyed just as much…

6. Adult coloring books (obvious reasons)

7. Assorted fine point sharpies for coloring, they will keep these and let you use them under supervision…..completely worth feeling like a child.

8. GUM. You’ll have to ask, but I was at the point I was going to pretend to be a smoker to get the smoker’s gum.

9. Small notebook or journal with phone numbers. You’d be surprised when you get phone privileges but no memorized numbers.

10. Chapstick…because everything and everyone will chap your ass so at least be prepared to pucker up.


16 thoughts on “Top 10 items when being committed *Bit of humor because you know you’re planning

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  1. Helpful list. I also want to emphasize that I only brought long pants (no drawstrings or need for belt). I did not want to have to shave my legs with an attendant watching.

    Phone card if you can’t have a cell phone (which I was never allowed to have). Yes, phone cards still exist. It’s better than calling collect.

    Something serious to consider: A psychiatric advance directive. It’s worth having one filled out and in the proper hands. There were times I was put back on medications I HATED because I wasn’t in a state to argue. Other treatments might not be too welcome for many. Plus, having a family/friend know what to do to help you when you’re unable to run the home show can be important, especially when you find yourself in the psych hospital for periods of 30 days or longer.


  2. too funny, I have been there. Everything that is important is missing and all your left with is a pair of new white shorts that don’t fit properly.

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    1. No, they will take your phone until your discharged. You may be given an opportunity to write numbers down before it is taken from you 😦 I found the time as they took my shoes and sweatshirts strings out of my hoodie (remember that, lol…no strings) This was more or less my top ten. They did take my bra because of the underwire….so that maybe important to some too. I can think of a million things now. I took my phone up to the last second and it proved very useful for about 30 minutes for numbers and I didn’t see it again until discharge 😥

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  3. Love this! Great list. Especially number nine – I never realized how much I rely on my phone until it was taken away and I realized that I knew none of my family member’s numbers. Sorry you were in the hospital but hope it helped. I’m thankful for my three inpatient stays – each one was needed and helped in good ways. Hope you are doing better and staying strong!

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  4. My number one thing on my list is earplugs!!! and a sweatshirt because they take your bra away at some of the places and you have to wear scrubs and its embarassing. I usually with permission raid the art room and bring stuff back to our floor. Yup and journal with numbers, all the places I have been let you use your phone once to copy down numbers. I only have one hoodie left with strings still in it.

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