Full moon rising, are you?



“I fancied my luck to be witnessing yet another full moon. True, I’d seen hundreds of full moons in my life, but they were not limitless. When one starts thinking of the full moon as a common sight that will come again to one’s eyes ad-infinitum, the value of life is diminished and life goes by uncherished. ‘This may be my last moon,’ I sighed, feeling a sudden sweep of sorrow; and went back to reading more of The Odyssey.” ~ Roman Payne

*I adore Roman Payne if you’re not familiar with his works, he writes with such sexual energy, poetic and translates his passion and character’s passion in his books. His awareness, portrayal, and understanding of mental conditions are beautifully displayed in his book “The Wanderess”.

So back on topic, his quote struck a cord and sparked this blog post. Each month I look forward to the full moon. I read many articles and today ran across this one I’m sharing, It was an excellent article regarding lunacy and effects on mental health. It contains some great theories listed throughout the article from some of our greatest philosophers and psychologist discuss the theories based on my opinion outdated research from the 1980’s. I love the historical content, great article.

Read for yourself here:

I firmly believe it affects my cycles and moods. I’m one who can’t sleep and have a fascination with the full moon,  honestly the moon in general. It one of my many obcessions. It affect the earth, living creatures, and even plants. Why would it not affect us as well?

I get a surge of energy, elevated mood even with medication I can feel it happening. I’ve actually charted my moods. It can be argued it psychosomatic, but over the years and experience with others it seems Lunacy is real, yet still only a theory. I’m curious to hear from others. What is your experience or feelings on the subject? Do you experience mood changes?


About Musings of a mad woman

“Mental labels don’t define who I am, time and aging only gets me closer to those I love, will love, and have loved” ~ S.L. Cato I’ve battle Bipolar disorder for at least 15+ years, toss in a couple more labels I’ve collected such as generalized anxiety disorder PTSD. This battle is pretty amazing and out of this world and at times a dark rollercoaster ride. The medication, the manic episodes, and mania can be pretty humorous. The hypersexuality, drugs, anxiety, depression, ghosts, and parenting. I’ve certainly felt the sting of the “crazy” stigma, but I’m here today. Bipolar is my superpower. I hope by sharing my musings it helps others understand the labels situation whispered behind closed doors. Please feel free to share my stories, rantings and musings. Read more about me in my post "Who is the Mad Woman"

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  1. The luminescence (or lighting) of the moon is said to affect us, not the gravitational pull, as I had originally thought. I’ve tried to find further sources about the birth rates and crime rates, but have been unsuccessful. I did however find that science has confirmed the lighting of the moon does indeed affect sleep patterns in humans.

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  2. Absolutely, the full moon impacts on my mood, usually I have a major blow out around the time of the full moon, I get very elated, close to a mania. This month I’m back on meds and the full moon passed without any noticeable effect on me – I find that sad.

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  3. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before
    but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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  4. Very interesting post indeed. I have noticed mostly that people who love the moon, study it, follow it’s phases, many times do get affected by the lunar cycles. I am also a big fan of the moon, but never really gave much thought to the phases, etc. But that’s probably because I more interested in the astronomical views rather than the astrological or meaningful ones. I am just amazed by the spectacular view we get from the earth of another entity in our solar system. The moon definitely affects our planet and so it must affect us too. Although I am not sure what the exact effects are upon us, they must vary from person to person, given our unique existence as individuals. But I’ve always been curious to know how other planets and thier moons affect thier existence. Maybe it’s very different from what we have here on earth. So even though I haven’t noticed myself being affected by mood swings or emotional ups and downs, many people are and that is certainly a reality we must accept. So I wish that when the moon affects you, may it be in a positive way and bring joy and peace to you!

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  5. Completely agree with this, I used to watch the kids in school and when we had a full moon they were always more manic, if you added a spring tide and high winds, they became uncontrollable. The pull of the moon is real, living by the sea I watch the effects it has on the tides it’s amazing.

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  6. it pull the oceans, it pull this, it pull you… however as all things, it will only do as you allow it, or believe… its moods are yours, though it also chooses, though ti does so by making no decisions… well, sorry to ramble on, great post… stimulating, as the moon

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    • Thank you! It is has certainly made my day that you stopped by my blog. I have many of your quotes written in my journal. I can relate to your writings on so many personal levels. You have flattered me by sharing my blog with your readers. I adore you!


  7. YES! You put much into words that have been playing in my life… I’ve been drawn to the moon- what state it’s in- I’m going to TRY to track my life and see if there is the same correlation. Like you said, it affects everything else, why not us?

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  8. I’ll tell you what I know. There are more murders commited during a full moon, than at any other time of the month. Without the moon, our blood wouldn’t circulate, and we’d all die. The moon also helps stablize the earth’s orbit. 2 Billion years ago, a day was only 6 hours long. But the moon slowed down thearth’s rotation to what it is today. The moon is moving away from us at about an inch and a half per year…

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  9. That’s incredibly interesting – I’ve never considered any of that. I’m a teacher, and the teachers have joked around that the students are always crazier around a full moon. I’ve always chalked it up to the fact that kids are always nuts, and we like to have something to blame it on once a month. This whole “lunacy” history is fascinating. The article was cool. Thanks for posting it.

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  10. We actually have tracked this – and a couple days before the full moon, all hell breaks loose – it usually ceases WITH the full moon. One of our execs is VERY susceptible to it, as well…we track it so we know when to run for cover!

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  11. Recently, my daughter told me she hadn’t slept all night. I told her I hadn’t either. She went to work and her co-worker told her she hadn’t slept all night long either. Then her friend texted her and told her she couldn’t go out with her because she hadn’t slept all night. My daughter called me and I said, “I wonder if it was a full moon?” It was! We were amazed.

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  12. Right now there is also a meteor shower (The Lyrids) in the sky along with the full moon. So if you feel extra mad, that could be the reason. Blame it on the sky. Take care!

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  13. I have noticed that my sleeping patterns are completely out of whack leading up to a full moon, and on the night of a full moon I can’t sleep at all. It’s just as you describe it, as if I’m overwhelmed by a surge of unknown energy. I’ve always known it had to do with the moon but haven’t really given it much thought. I am however very curious now and will indeed read up on it 🙂

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    • I can’t sleep either, it’s so interesting when researching and asking real people who have mood disorders. There is a thread, my husband is in law enforcement/military and the day before, day of ,and day after are always more active. Plus increase in births. It affects us!

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  14. I can usually tell when there is a full moon approaching; not by my own mood and energy levels, but via my observations…in traffic, a greater number of people seem to be in a hurry and are willing to take risks; face-to-face, I have found the general population to be a bit more outspoken. But, I have not documented anything. Ah, to make the effort to log these observations into a written format remains to be seen. I will put it in my noodle for consideration. Great article. Thank you.

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  15. I completely believe the full moon affects my moods. Yesterday, I was anxious and sad all day. Usually, I’m exhausted by 9pm, but last night I was charged up and couldn’t sleep at all.

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  16. Are you sure you are not a vampire ??
    Not wanted to offended you but it seems to me that you really are and i’m fascinated by vampire creatures. 99% people says they don’t exist but i don’t know i am skeptical person and maybe a little bit crazy :p

    Search it out in google for more information about vampirism 🙂

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    • Robin it’s more a psychological obsession and before medication it was a spiritual experience, I write a bit about it on the post “Who is the Mad Women”. This post is more about the highs and lows some experience or possibly even anger prior to or just after the full moon.


  17. I have always been fascinated by the idea of lunatics. The moon is some of those things that is so engrained into our existence I quick like the idea of a portion of the world connects to something akin to the birds that use the magnetic pull of the world to know where they are flying. The skeptic in me scoffs, but it scoffs at most things.

    My mood changes in direct correlation to how close I’m forced to brush up against reality. The further away I am the happier I am. It makes me wish fantasy novels were written better than they usually are, how pleasant to brush against the manic-inspiration of believing in dragon’s instead of the mortgage being due and the aftermath of the cats having decided the TV needs to be knocked to the floor and vomited upon.

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