A tiny bit of wine….Emerging hibernation, 10 awesome musings


I may have been into a bit of wine…

1. Josh Hartnett can kick one heck of a Scottish accent. Check out the 2015 “The Lovers”

2. Disc Golf is extremely therapeutic and I’m certain my daughter will kick butt in the Pro leagues, but we need sponsors see #6.

3. Her coach, well he’s my newest best friend. Possibly my mentally healthy doppelganger and pretty damn cool, because he is also a super comic book fan like myself. I am totally dressing up as Wonder Woman for Halloween this year.

4. Meds are good…..got a few changes yet again. Agoraphobia and introvert didn’t suit me.

5. I don’t need to be a size 2, I’m happy with curvy 4, well 6 but my boobs are perfect so suck it and I hear I have pretty eyes.

6.  You can gift me here https://paypal.me I really want a phone that doesn’t crash constantly. How about just funds for a phone, well honestly I’d spend it on my kids or someone else (possibly books, I heard there is a website to request those donation and I seriously laughed out loud). So you’re probably better off giving to a charity. Leave your blog or email for a very fun blog post as reward. It’ll make for a more entertaining blog entry that involves you, the reader. Plus, I’ll throw in a psychic reading to each donor. This could be really fun for you cheap people.

7. #6 ^^^ was horrible human behavior, but, I bet you thought about the psychic reading.

8. The black cat now speaks with a scottish accent.

9. Outlander kicked ass and I am stoked for the Game of Thrones premier. More to come on them both….books are AMAZING!

10. This is truly a musings of a mad woman.

I truly appreciate the amazing following and please find my page on Facebook and share your personal blog or experiences. I’d love to repost and share on my page. Here’s the link:


I seriously have a great story for each 10 so make sure to follow if your new. And the cat just reminded me, I have some brutally honest movie reviews to post.

I just excaped the black dog 🙂

25 thoughts on “A tiny bit of wine….Emerging hibernation, 10 awesome musings

Add yours

  1. Oh, I have apologized, been forgiven by everyone but myself. But then insanity is such a heinous thing to forgive and share. Ranting is the surrender of the mind to the soul and, no matter how horrible, should never be discounted. This side of exorcism, it is the closest any of us come to clean.

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  2. I suffered from what is retroactively known as Misophonia. I loosened one of my sisters teeth from smacking her upside the head when she was eating cereal. Fortunately she was but a child and ‘adult’ teeth still remained.

    P.S. I have been drinking and in all likelihood should not be telling ANYone this, but…life is like that.

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  3. I suppose that makes you one of the lucky ones. The hell I inflicted upon my sisters…my god. The regret is incalculable. Youth is the worst thing I could ever bestow upon anyone. That lack of empathy, that lack of self worth. Ugh, boys. What a hell family is.

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  4. As a brother I can say that it is nowhere near as grandiose as any of that. It is a simple fear and self doubt that requires us to dress down any and all things that leave us wanting. I am simply glad you survived that the journey. I envy no one the quiet holocaust of having a brother (specifically an older one).

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  5. Great post! I love the, “Black cat now speaks with a Scottish accent”. LOL
    And yes, you do have pretty eyes. Looking forward to the movie reviews!

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