Today my cat and I argued, Then we shared a glass of Jameson.


She ended up being a horrible drinking partner. Whiskey just isn’t for everyone. She has this horrible black cat stigma of being bad luck. She tends to hold back and never opens up. Sobbing the narcissistic cat broke down. She removed her mask. We bonded and she ran upstairs to bed with the kids. I think it’s because we watched Cat’s eye the movie based on the Steven King’s novel. Now the cats thinks she is our gaurdian. The black cat stigma is one reason she was adopted. It’s horrible how poorly black cats are treated. They are killed, abandoned, mistreated, and judged because they are simply born black cats.

So a bit of musing, Tonight I realized, I’m a little like the black cat. It’s possibly the reason my cat and I don’t get along but love each other. We compete for attention, but wear very different mask.

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22 thoughts on “Today my cat and I argued, Then we shared a glass of Jameson.

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  1. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston (and myself!) from the blog “Nice Place” love the black cat in the picture. What a fantastic picture. My Mr Midnight is also black and is as vain (or as inquisitive?) as the cat above. 🙂


  2. I have four cats, two are black with the dispositions of angels, a Siamese who thinks she’s a rock and a tabby who is the diva princess…never a dull moment….

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  3. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! you don’t have to participate but if you would like too you can find the rules on my blog I really enjoy reading your posts and wanted to share your writing with others.


  4. I love cats of all colors, but like you I feel the black cats are special, just misunderstood. I have had the pleasure of having several black cats hang around my home. I currently have four and love them dearly. 🙂

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  5. I have a little black cat called Simba. I love him. Some neighbours told us his owners were struggling to find him a home and that he had to go, so we had him. I couldn’t say no to a sweet little cat in need of a loving home. So many black, and black & white cats abandoned and euthanised simply because people don’t desire that colour. Awful

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  6. I like your way of looking at it. –It’s funny, I talk to people about my interactions with my dog in this manner all the time. I’ve just accepted that they think I’m crazy. Glad to meet a kindred spirit.

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    1. My mom’s old dog used to steal her dad’s beer! It’s a hilarious story I never get tired of! And, I mean, there are far worse things you could have given your dog. I’m glad you’re not drinking heavily anymore (crosses fingers)!

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  7. I have a black cat named Monkey – or should I say she has me. The first time I saw her she was a scrawny little kitten in a cage at the vet’s office, I tried to ignore her but she got into my head. The very next day I was back at the vet’s and adopting her hook line and sinker! The minute she was in our home she took it over. I do not buy into any delusions that she likes me whatsoever. She knows I control the food and treats and clean her litter so I am tolerated. She will sleep on the opposite end of the bed if I nap and will lay beside my chair in the living room. Once in awhile, she gives me the honor of rubbing her head or belly but always on her terms. As far as I am concerned, black cats rule (but don’t tell Monkey).

    Wonderful story, by the way!

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  8. I had a black cat! I loved him to death! He hated me… but I loved him! Sadly, he got outside, and he never came back… I hate the whole legend of black cats being bad luck. Another thing, why would someone get an animal just to beat it? I don’t get it… I love that novel by the way! And the movie!

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