All aboard the coo-coo train….it’s time for some musing.

  Let me start by saying “Yes, I have been drinking” and “You’re no better than me” in my best drunken voice.

First item of business cats, Why do you got to be assholes? Only once did I have a cat that loved me unconditionally and he had a heart attack when he was two, it’s a hard life loving me….even for a cat. But back to the asshole black cat who has found her way into the hearts of everyone in the house. I’m sure part of her dark plan to off me with nail clippers in the middle of the night and take my place in the house. Cats are funny, we really are their pets. She doesn’t like where I sit my glass of water. Cat, “Oh I see you sat water here, let me knock that off and water the floor for you. You’re  welcome human.” Or the constant meowing and purring like she wants to be loved. I reach to pet her thinking, “This is it, she finally loves me.” WRONG……Cat’s mind, “Oh no! Don’t you dare pet me like an animal. Follow me now human!!! I AM STARVING. My bowl is only half filled and I peed in my box SCOOP IT now human, NOW! NoW!”  I can set items of mine on the bar and around the house at random then sit with a glass of wine or coffee and just listen to shit hit the floor all over the house. Anyways, why you got to be an asshole? I like my clutter, but Trubul likes clean surfaces. The cat need meds, like yesterday!

I just completely lost track. Second, I decided I really want a raccoon.

Third, I hate that I gained 20 pounds from the fucking medication, I only took for two months. What’s up with that shit?!? Husband typical rational response, “Well honey, it may not be the meds, diet and exercise are just as important and well you are a spring chicken anymore.” Well thank you Mr. Obvious. Thank you for reminding me, but I think it’s probably just the medication…..and maybe a little too much wine. Did I mention I quit two days ago only to drink for this night?

Third, why is the nut drinking and musing tonight? To be honest to avoid a low, I’m celebrating my misfortune. Yes, celebrating my misfortunes of the past two weeks. My bank account is nearly $5000 dollars poorer. Unexpected expenses just keep popping up, such as my two flat tire in one day on each of my vehicles, new tires all around, Hooray! If that wasn’t enough the dog joins in with her problems. This weekend, Dog, “my ear hurt human, I am itchy human, my ear hurts human” As she wagged and bugged the shit out of me. I finally pet her and scratch her ear to discover the dog has scratched so much she has a hematoma completely bulging in her ear. Also overnight, ear and eye infections, and a flare up of skin allergies. Off to vet, $700 later and a scheduled surgery this Friday estimated to be another $700 the dog is walking around happy and stoned on pain meds and allergy medication. I swear the dog thinks she is my husband mistress tonight. I actually getting jealous. I need a good scratching too……more wine.

Forth, I don’t even know what this post started out about, but pretty sure I was mad at someone and ignoring them by blogging.

Lastly, “You shouldn’t drink if you’re on medication. It defeats the purpose  and effectiveness of the medication you are taking” and my response to myself, “I fucking know that and you have to howl at the moon sometimes.” Pardon my language, it’s the Marine in me and being around them for decades. OMG, decades make me feel old.

I shall toast and be embarrassed tomorrow. But being bipolar does not mean I can’t howl at the moon every once in a while.

I am pretty certain the cat beat the dog up.

12 thoughts on “All aboard the coo-coo train….it’s time for some musing.

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  1. I am stuck on the response from your husband… Holy shit! LOL I’m a husband, for 21 years, and still alive. I would write a book about things husbands should say and do and not say and do and all that, but the only ones that would probably read it are the ones already doing it mostly right. There is no being right all the time, but dang. That one is almost always NOT something you should say to your wife. Enjoying your writings. The sober entries and the not sober ones. And I have had cats my whole life, so I totally get your cat entries.
    Thanks for sharing bits of your journey.

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  2. Yeah you shouldn’t drink on the meds but I did anyway. There’s something almost dare devilish about doing it. It’s a wonderful vacation until the next frickin’ day. Then (as you know) there’s hell to pay.

    I still have my Seroquel, it sits in it’s dark colored bottle smirking at me on my hard days. I haven’t touched it in months now but it was the last psych drug I stopped taking and sometimes I miss it even though it made me into a zombie. Being a zombie is much easier than not.

    I’m doing much better now. You stopped by my shiny new website about biking. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me and you know my story. I’m hoping you can find something like it to help you. Something to get those natural drugs flowing. Once you do the rest will fade but it never goes away and it’s not easy. I wanted to die at one time.

    I read a few of your posts you’re a good writer not that you need my praise. The fact that you’re a Marine makes me wonder if you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Did you see action?

    I have a black cat his name is Boo and he’s a real sweetheart with no attitude at all very strange for a cat. He’s the most mellow cat I ever had but he is the only pet I have. Bring another animal into the house and he’ll probably try to kill it.

    Take care of yourself hey?

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