Unexpected outcomes


Sometimes I just get this crazy obsession for a certain foods or spices. Today it was for Thai food, it’d been at least two weeks since I had had a meal from my favorite local spot. It was a hidden gem I’d run to and was always amazing. So excitingly, I load up the kids and we are on our way for the most delicious Thai food. I didn’t care if the kids were arguing or my 11 year old feels she is the enforcer and boss of my 6 year old.  Today, I was not going to scream “Stop” a million times. Today was my treat! Today would include delicious food porn on my blog, it will not be crazy!

As we arrived and parked, I made sure the rules were clear, “BE good, NO fighting, mommy needs to be fed!” Walking towards the door something was off and they appeared closed. From my side, my little man Peter says, “Mom, I’m pretty sure they are closed for good” And sure enough, a real estate sign, It was closed forever.  Then the kids had a brilliant idea, “Mom, let’s go to your favorite Korean restaurant.”

“Yes!” That will do, so on the interstate we go, if you’re not familiar with Northern Virginia traffic consider yourself blessed. I-95 is hell going south or north on any given day, but I’m determined to eat out and now it’s just painful listening to the kids argue. “MOM!, make her give me to poop emoji pillow back.” “MOM! I didn’t touch him” and so on until we reach the exit.  As we pull into the parking lot to my favorite Korean restaurant something isn’t right and this time I spot the sign immediately, closed and another real estate sign. I lay me head on the wheel, quietly I say “Dammit, dammit, dammit!”

Apparently, not quite enough. Out of my Peter 6 year old mouth, “Mom, Chuck E Cheese now serves beer and wine” Did my kid just tell me the germ factory served alcohol? How did I not know they served alcohol? Heck, I know where I’ll have my next birthday, maybe even my 40th in many, many years to come, I’ve been 29-35 for several years. I could only laugh that my kids thought that I would get them pizza or the fact they knew Chucky Cheese was near the Korean restaurant. My kids had manipulated me into going to Chucky E Cheese with the suggestion they now serve alcohol.

Yes, I’m that mom drinking a beer at Chuck E Cheese getting her Chuck E Cheese photo ID’s made, playing games with no mercy before noon. Before you judge me, I drank one beer and kicked little kid ass for over an hour. I may have cheated and swiped some tickets from the little people. Just the ones who didn’t pay attention, life lesson kids, pay attention to the crazy lady. But overall, I got a squirt gun, sticky slappy hand thing, some silly puddy, and woopie cushion. All these these things are part of the plan for manic black cat of darkness revenge. You can use you imagination, but two can at play “sniper” cat, the game of surprise attack cat! It only cost me a little over $100 to eat and play games…..totally worth it for the entire family!


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  1. If you haven’t seen this interview (I’m sure you have or are at least familiar with the gentleman), I was moved and I had a whole new perspective of bipolar after this interview. Just amazing.

    Never tried posting a link on a comment, but if it doesn’t work look up Charlie Rose interview with Paul Dalio. Totally embraced his condition… Even saying if you was offered a cure he would not accept it. My former wife and daughter’s mother was diagnosed in 09, but happy to report is doing well. I admire your courage.

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  2. I had such a laugh at this! Some days you just need bad food and a couple of beers. Life doesn’t seem so hard after that! We don’t have Chuck E Cheese in Australia so I suppose my equivalent would be McDonalds?? I’d go there more often if I could have a beer with my Big Mac.

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  3. Thank you for making me laugh! My Dad just went to Chuck E Cheese to see my nephews and hang out with them for a bit. All the man kept talking about was the sneeze guard on the salad bar and how it was a “petri dish of bacteria”. I laughed at him when he was sick 2 days later. My nephews said he took SIX trips to the salad bar he complained about! Isn’t it exhilarating when you have a good day like that?

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  4. I feel so sad for you that those two restaurants closed! I hate it when my favorite local spots go out of business! Incidentally, the one and only time I set foot in a Chuck E. Cheese was in the 1980s, and my dad had a beer. Just saying.

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  5. Well written. I know the must-have cravings. We have a small Indian restaurant here in South-central PA that every time I want it, something happens. I hope you find a new Thai and Korean restaurant to fill that void. I am sure the memories made with the children will stay with you always.

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  6. Thanks for your great post. My children are 21 and 16 now so my world is no longer quite as fun as yours anymore but that was GOLD. You just took me right back to those days. Your posts are so funny, refreshing and true, thanks so much for your honesty. I have read several of your posts today and hope you continue the thrive and grow in your world you really deserve too. You have given me plenty of food for thought. Thanks🌺
    If your children do read this I am sure they will look back a laughed at mums handy work. And really cheeseburgers and beer how can that be wrong on any level😄
    Have a great day:)

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  7. I love that! That is amazing! Though, one day, your kids are going to read this and say: ” Wait, mom!? You stole my tickets!? How dare you!”. But, then again, they did trick you into going there with alcohol, so…

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