The people we all have within us…


Everyone has four people inside them inside them.

1. The person your co-workers/neighbors know; you see this person day to day. Wave hello, share pleasantries, you share a common bond of existence. It’s work, business, and existence.

2. The second is the person your family and childhood friends know. They grew up with you. They know you on a deeper level. They know that girl/guy who they went to church, school, or summer camp. Lived in the same county or city. You probably went to high school together. They know the base that made you.

3. Then the person your friends knows…the person your friends open up too, professional friends, college friends, good neighbors. Those you open up too and trust. You probably hang out, drink occasionally, and feel comfortable. They are you day to day. In the now friends.

4. Then late at night when no one is around, the person that only you know.

Everyone’s forth person is a little dark, sometimes that fourth person gets out of control. That can be natural. But, if the fourth person is completely different than the other three, than that fourth person is a monster.

And if that forth person doesn’t correspond with one of the first three you’re a monster. You’re embarrassed, you’re  ashamed, you’re  scared the fourth person could define you, it scary.

11 thoughts on “The people we all have within us…

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  1. Oh wow. It’s true. The person I am with my co-workers and others is the complete opposite of the “real” me. At work and other social places, they see me as layed back, sweet, patient, etc. At home I can be very ugly…mean and critical and even violent if my buttons are pushed hard enough. Unfortunately this is also the person my husband and kids see. I’m much better on meds but I hate that I am not completely genuine with everyone in my life. I guess it’s because I have a lot to hide.

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  2. Maybe there are degrees of correspondence between the fourth person and the others. No correspondence = madness, just a little = pretty disturbed, quite a bit = healthy and getting by, total = sainthood.

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  3. I’m the fourth person here on my blog, nearly fearless at least some of the time. No one I know in real life reads this one, as far as I know, and I love this blog a lot for the freedom to say what I want, express what I really feel, and be almost totally honest. Deon is fearless enough to tell you you’re mad beautiful. But I couldn’t say that to anyone in real life, except Mrs M. We live in such a stupid society, you can’t compliment someone without fearing a harassment suit. Last night I told her about a celebrity crush and she couldn’t care less because I’m honest enough in real life and I bring everything home to her. And she doesn’t read my blog either, unless I read it to her.

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  4. I have no idea who my fourth person is, and I think that’s even scarier than not letting that person have enough air time. I’m mostly just confused, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole and not knowing which way is up.

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