Yes…..I had been drinking


Seriously autocorrect autocorrected me four times before I could even post last night so I gave up and passed out.

Apparently, I delayed posting and saved it as a draft. It was embarrassing funny and trust me I saved the world from my extreme crazy. I deleted it, but my rantings and extreme love affair with Hemingway made me laugh out loud. The planning of my scheme to drive to key west and steal a couple five finger Hemingway cats. Then a realization, why am I so damn muddy in my kitchen. Then a sudden craving for McDonald’s, but I’d have to Uber so I gave up on the Big Mac.

All I know is I made it to bed with a trail of my clothing and tears, up three stories. I blew off some much needed steam, wrote a blog post about cats and love, and at some point I was falling down outside in the rain. Once in a blue moon we all need to howl at the moon. I think I actually did that last night.

I guess the point as my husband says, “It’s like the bad kid in church, it’s funny unless you own it” and I’m never drinking again.

Oh….almost forgot, the picture attached to this post was the one I put there last night. Haven’t a clue why or what the hell I was thinking, but it was thought provoking this evening so I left it on the post….your welcome.

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  1. This gave me a good giggle. I was back in my drunken youth again trying to type a barely ledgible sentence across the pond over this new fangled internetty thing to some really attractive girl.

    Ah, the memories lol 🙂

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      1. Guilty? Guilty?? No.. simply chilling. I like this thread, so I apologise for posting so frequently. There ought to be forum specifically dedicated to drunk people. Although it would be pretty busy.
        Once or twice a week for me.
        Here now, vodka and coke, Pat Metheny ticking away on the hifi, low lights, small village in rural England – I fell asleep listening to owls hooting last night, Pub closed now so all gone home – just me here. Little toot of something nice from somewhere. OK, I could be on my yacht watching the caribbean sunset, but actually, this just might be better. Like a chocolate pudding with just too much fudge sauce is too rich.

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  2. Well tonight, it’s me who’s completely shifaced and stoned. I live in the UK in case you’re wondering about the hour.

    For ten years I’ve pondered and come to understand the condition of humanity. And it isn’t good. If you have children, then weep for theirs, and be concerned about the next five to ten years.

    I’m very zoned listening to Karunesh am being puzzled.

    There are no problems in the world, from bioversity depletion, to gross poverty, that cannot be attributed to our economic system. None. I don’t know what the alternative is, although I have some ideas, but there’s little chance of any emerging soon. So buckle up, remember that humanity is just a small, tiny integer on a very long time line of change and evolution of information, the length of which we can only imagine [and that’s why we are able to imagine]. So it doesn’t really matter what you think. or rather your contribution to the whole, whilst neccesary, was not noticable.

    But what you imagined it to be – your vision and fuck everyone else’s – is of huge consequence, because from that will spring the next universe, borne of all of the visions of all of the people at that moment. Make it a positive one, hard as that might be.

    Laugh more. As you probably are at this point at me. 🙂 It’s all a bit daft… I for one am still pondering.

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    1. Love your candor and flowing thoughts! I love to read all the different perspectives. You comment is very thought provoking and yes, I’ve learned to find the humor and light even in darkness. Thank you so much for reading and following my blog.


  3. First, I love this post. Second many of Hemmingways cats hve Kitler mustaches which in context of the post made me laugh out loud. Third, That pickter is crazy scary but also kinda funny. Fourth, I think I sort of love you.

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  4. Reblogged this on thepageofdaniel and commented:
    The painting ( ? ) at the post’s beginning is DEFINITELY a conversation starter. I took some photos at a local shop on the Square, & I will post THEM -IF I can get my ” smartphone ” to remember my e – mail address. Touch screen devices are NOT my friends.:)

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      1. Einstein was a fascinating man who was so smart that he understood how the physical universe works. But he was even smarter, because he was also baffled by how it works, and our purpose within it. So he thought of things from both the physical and also the metaphysical perspectives. He is probably the only guest I would invite to my dinner party.

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  5. Getting completely shitfaced is great. Once in a while. It combs all those noisy thoughts into straight lines, and allows you to write poetry. I do hate it though when I wake up the next morning and find that what I wrote exists in both the posted and the draft categories. How the fuck does that happen?

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      1. Oh, that’s just the beginning. You know what Bronies are, right? Fanboys for My Little Pony cartoons and toys? Well, some of them (called Cloppers) take it to a whole new sick level. I only know this because I spent WAY too much time on You Tube one night.

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